Version 2.5 released

December 6, 2007New Releases

We released Version 2.5 of our LMS tonight. This release adds multilingual support to our assessment engine and includes a few bug fixes.

Version 2.4 released

September 12, 2007New Releases

We released Version 2.4 of our LMS today. This release is mainly to upgrade the infrastructure of our application. For those technically minded, we’re now running on ASP.NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services. This upgrade should resolve most of the rendering and export issues that some people were experiencing with reports.

Version 2.3 released

June 29, 2007New Releases

We released Version 2.3 of our LMS early this morning. This release features many content management enhancements including support for tagging activities and for performing bulk operations against a group of activities. We also added a new Historical Login Report and improved on the existing Response Analysis Report.