3 Reasons To Stop Using Free Sites For Training

Posted September 6, 2018 by Josephine Huschmann

Let’s face it. You spent valuable time and money creating high quality training videos and are excited to share them. Are you loading your videos to a free hosting site like YouTube or Vimeo? Is that a great experience for your audience? Stop! We have a better solution - don’t miss out!

Reason #1 — You want to showcase the quality of your training

Your company sells high quality equipment so why skimp on the product training program? A free hosting site does not portray the intrinsic value of your training to your customers. The platform you use to deliver your training should match your high quality videos.

Reason #2 — You want your online videos to stand out

By placing your training videos on a public streaming site, you have no control over access, promoted site advertising or suggested videos. Your learners may stumble upon your competitor’s video tutorials. You want a training delivery platform to make your videos the focal point and give you full control.

Reason #3 — You want to capture Big Data

Who is watching your videos? Are your online learners able to assimilate the key facts and figures? Using a free hosting site, you have limited access to the data behind your online training. Collecting data can help you analyze and improve your training program over time.

So How Do You Make a Successful Video Training Program?

The best option is to use a cloud-based platform that can be tailored to your company’s branding. An LMS (Learning Management System) is the best software to deliver your training online to your resellers, customers, partners and your own employees.

Some Features to Look For in an LMS:

  • Centralized Video Library - A platform to store and manage all of your training videos and manuals in one place.
  • Personalized Experience- A training platform that can have the look and feel of your organization.
  • Intuitive Interface - A clean, clear interface for your learners to make training easy to find and to complete.
  • Easy To Scale - A solution that provides each of your resellers/ clients their own branded LMS site to take your online product training.

Ready to take your online training videos to the next level?

Contact Firmwater today to see how your training videos look on a professional LMS (You can thank us later when you get that promotion).