New to E-Learning?

Do you currently offer instructor-led training and are looking to expand your delivery options? Or are you looking to start a brand new business selling e-learning courses?

Are your customers demanding Web-based delivery and testing options? Could you profit by offering certification for your existing training programs?

Are you ready for e-learning?

Take our readiness assessment to determine if your business is ready to bring your training online.

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Address the question of readiness

E-Learning is a reality for many companies but the path to adoption and value has many potential pitfalls. Many training companies fail to ask themselves the most critical question of all — "How ready are we for e-learning?"

Those that fail to address the question of readiness can quickly find that reality equals perception — e-learning adoption becomes a significant effort that incurs substantial cost and delivers dubious benefits.

Those that do fully consider their state of readiness find the journey can be smooth and the outcomes valuable for all stakeholders. e-learning, in their case, becomes a business accelerator that increases engagement and profit.

Firmwater can be your partner on this journey

We specialize in helping companies bring their training online, and in realizing business benefits of doing so.

Start today by completing our readiness assessment — we'll provide you with a clear view of the pitfalls and benefits, and help you to use e-learning to energize your training business.