Segment Your Users By Location

Give administrative access or assign content based on a user's location

When adding many users to a client site it is important to find an easy way to manage them. Some users may have more administrative access than others and oversee a group of learners. It is also important to assign the correct course to each user in a quick and easy manner.

Location Administrators

A user given the role of 'Location Administrator' has administrative scope over the location they are assigned to. They can view the location's learners, their course progress and LMS reports.

A Subset Of Learners

When assigning training courses to your users, it is very helpful to have a means of dividing learners into groups. The location field can reflect geographical structures (state, region, city) or organizational structures (work team, office, reporting responsibility).

Make use of the Location field to assign a course to a subset of users instead of adding learners one by one. Other user fields available for such purposes are Departments, Job Titles or Languages.

Location Hierarchies

We have the option to create a structure that includes higher level and lower level locations. Such a location hierarchy is very useful when used in conjunction with the 'Location Administrator' role. Users can be placed at any level of the hierarchy and with that receive different administrative scopes.

Location Hierarchies (click to enlarge)

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