The LMS for Training Companies

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Whether you're new to e-learning or have an established training business that you're looking to grow, we're the easiest path to transforming your business.

Manage all your clients effortlessly through a single interface. Firmwater LMS is a hosted learning management system built specifically for training companies.

We let you focus on what you do best — being an expert and selling your great content.

Create new revenue streams

  • Automate your training program so you can focus on creating and selling your content.
  • Supplement your face-to-face instructor-led training.
  • Sell your program to a wider audience.
  • Scale your audience with confidence.

Simplify your content delivery

  • Focus on creating and selling your content, not on the delivery system.
  • Retain control over your intellectual property — no need to ship your content to your clients.
  • Easily update your content across all your clients from one place.
  • Simple interface allows you to lower your administration overhead.

Embrace a dedicated partner

  • We are a partner that is dedicated to your success.
  • Enjoy the fantastic support that our customers rave about.
  • Get the benefit of constant improvements, worry-free.
  • Professionally hosted, reliable, and secure.
Andrew Kauser

“By using Firmwater LMS, we have been able to grow our business substantially. In just seven years, Firmwater has enabled us to deliver online training to over 440 clients for over 200,000 workers.”

Andrew Kauser, TPC Training